Support For People With Mental Health Challenges.

Hero Transformations is based on a Blueprint drawn from personal experiences.

Individual Coaching

We offer individual coaching where you can have 1 to 1 sessions, either in person or remotely.

Group Coaching

For those who would like to work through the Blueprint at their own pace with support when needed.

Company Benefits

We provide the Blueprint for companies, who can share it with their employees, coupled with training and education.

Hello! I’m Andrew

Hero Group Founder.

I’ve been through the whole Mental Health system, Doctors, Medications, Employee Help Lines, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Hospitals, Nurses, Anaesthetists, Electroconvulsive Therapists, Consultants, Psychiatrists, Mental Hospitals, Accident and Emergencies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapists,  Ambulances, Local Councils – none of it worked.  So Hero Transformations was founded by myself following years of frustration, dealing with out of date methodology surrounding the approach to Mental Health.

My Expertise

Mental Health Challenges

We have had over 100 people through the Hero Blueprint Program, with a wide variety of challenges.  We have helped people with Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Alcoholism, Victims of Sexual Violence, Suicidal Thoughts and Suicide Survivors.  We all have Mental Health and we all need help with it at some point in time, when you do, we are here.

Mental Health Awareness ;

We follow and promote the semicolon movement, it is symbolic that your life is not over. The semicolon movement is growing and some wear this symbol on their T-Shirts, Hoodies, Fingers, some on chains, some just keep it in wallets and purses or in drawers. 

Education and Speaking

We run Mental Health Workshops for organisations and speak at Conferences and Seminars to help raise the profile of current needs and alternatives to an often over subscribed system.

Every Journey Begins With 1 Step

Free 20 Min Chat

We are big advocates of it’s good to talk because we know that it works.

Get The Help

We guide you towards the help which is going to be best suited.

The Journey

Through support and the Blueprint transforming into the Hero you deserve to be.

My Approach

We are using our unique philosophy of Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset to not only get people out of Mental Health challenges, but to leave them in a much better place than they were years before things hit them. Everyone  needs to realise that your demons do not have appointments, they can strike you down for no reason and often do, indiscriminately, but that is what we have experienced before and conquered.

"I can't say how much the Hero Program has had such a positive affect on my life, Andrew and the team really helped me turn things around"

Anthony Kidd – Hero Program

"If you've been let down by the system or friends and family the Hero Program is the answer, I was able to sort my life out once and for all, legends"

Mark McKenna – Hero Program 

"Two words - Life Changing"

Matt Lang – Hero Program

"Andrew provides three main things: support, positivity and structure. By the end of our time working together, I had learned how to structure what seemed chaotic and see the positives rather than the problems. Recommended for anyone who needs that extra support to find themselves again"

Michael Mand – Hero Program

"I appreciate all you've done for me, you've really changed my life."

Louis Bullock – Hero Program

"In order to bring some balance to the world...Hankin you keep doing your thing, shining a much needed light on important subjects."

Damian Bird – Hero Program

"Andrew is a top man who is doing a great job sharing and helping - keep going big man."

Darren Hands – Hero Program

Frequently Asked Questions

So What Is Mental Health?

We all have Mental Health, at The Hero Group we just call it ‘Health’ as your Physical and Mental Health is all intrinsically linked.  But if you are after a definition then it is your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Why Do People Have Mental Health Issues?

The short answer is – ‘Life’. The longer answer would be changes in your circumstances, biological, psychological and social issues can all contribute.

If I’m Worried, What Do I Do?

You should talk to someone that you trust, this doesn;t have to be a GP or 999, it can be a friend, relative or colleague, it can of course be us as well.

Can Mental Health Problems Be Cured?

Yes, but in the same way that being unfit or being overweight can be cured, it needs to be worked at, you don’t suddenly become fit and lean and then stop going to the gym and start eating donuts.

Can Mental Health Problems Be Prevented?

There are measures which can be taken to help reduce the risk, like there are meausres that can be taken to help reduce getting cancer, not smoking, healthy diet etc. you could still get it though.  Developing strategies, wellbeing, resilience and seeking help and talking can all help to prevent challenges reaching crisis point.

What Do I Do If I’m Worried About Someone Else?

Let them know you are there for them, as with everything, communication is key, it really is better to say something than nothing. 

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