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About Me

Only when I took things into my own hands did things begin to change. 

Hello! I’m Andrew

Hero Group Founder

 Hey, my name is Andrew and I’m the Founder of Hero Transformations. I wanted to welcome you to the site and tell you a bit about what we do here, and why it’s so important that we do it.  I used to have what you might consider a “perfect life;” I had a beautiful wife, a young daughter and a son, nice cars, our dream home, took regular holidays, the lot.  Then what seemed like out of nowhere, Depression hit me, and man did it hit hard. I was then introduced to what many refer to as our Mental Health System, which is where two years of despair and frustration began.  Battling with Doctors Receptionists, GP’s not listening, Medications not working, Psychotherapists, Consultants, CBT Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Mental Hospitals, ECT (Electric Shock Therapy) and pretty much everything under the sun to try and help me past it.  

But all of this wasn’t just hard on me, it also put my family through hell. I felt that my wife who had been my rock didn’t deserve what I couldn’t control, or what I thought I couldn’t control.  It was then that I decided something had to change even if it meant that everything needed to.  I decided to take control of my life and focus on the areas that were best for me, my family, and my Health. 

My Approach & Values

Once I had decided to own the problem and sort it myself, things began to change.  I began to research Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset and the effect they have on Mental Health.  I restructured my hours, days, weeks and then months and this kept getting refined and improved until I finally had my program, I was back.

This was when Hero Transformations was conceived, I knew that if I could help myself then I could help others.  We have had over 100 people through the Hero Transformations Blueprint now and we want to help as many as possible because I know first-hand, that we need a new way.


My Experience

  • Coached over 100 Heroes
  • Been through our Mental Health system
  • Raised Suicide Awareness globally

My Education

  • Personal Trainer, GP Referal
  • Life Coach, Mental Health Nursing
  • NLP, Mindfulness, Nutrition 
  • 10 Tough Mudders

We Work With Individuals 1 on 1, In Groups and With Companies.

Individual Coaching

We offer individual coaching where you can have 1 to 1 sessions, either in person or remotely.

Group Coaching

For those who would like to work through the Blueprint at their own pace with support when needed.

Company Benefits

We provide the Blueprint for companies, who can share it with their employees, coupled with training and education.

"I can't say how much the Hero Program has had such a positive affect on my life, Andrew and the team really helped me turn things around"

Anthony Kidd – Hero Program

"If you've been let down by the system or friends and family the Hero Program is the answer, I was able to sort my life out once and for all, legends"

Mark McKenna – Hero Program 

"Two words - Life Changing"

Matt Lang – Hero Program

"Andrew provides three main things: support, positivity and structure. By the end of our time working together, I had learned how to structure what seemed chaotic and see the positives rather than the problems. Recommended for anyone who needs that extra support to find themselves again"

Michael Mand – Hero Program

"I appreciate all you've done for me, you've really changed my life."

Louis Bullock – Hero Program

"In order to bring some balance to the world...Hankin you keep doing your thing, shining a much needed light on important subjects."

Damian Bird – Hero Program

"Andrew is a top man who is doing a great job sharing and helping - keep going big man."

Darren Hands – Hero Program

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For emergencies call 999 or visit your nearest hospital.

0800 3 20 20 60

Ground Floor, The Bat Cave, 10 Brogden Terrace, Sale, Cheshire, M33 7UF, UK.